About me

Interested in politics, history and culture, especially in Ireland. Enjoy popular culture, especially movies. And socialism.

Email:  garibaldy2@hotmail.co.uk

4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Jim Monaghan Says:

    Would you link PANA to your blog
    Jim Monaghan

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Will do Jim.

  3. Paul Burgess Says:

    Hi Garibaldy,

    I’m resdearching / directing a documentary at the moment provisonally entitlied;
    ‘‘No-one likes us…We don’t care: Journeys into the Abyss of Northern Protestant Culture.’

    Basic premise seeks to explore/challenge the idea that no legitimate or worthwhile expression of a valid or meaningful popular cultural contribution emerging from the Ulster Unionist or Loyalist tradition.

    Any ideas for on-line resources? (music/sport/broadcasting/film/stage, etc).



  4. Eamonn Blaney Says:

    “The scale of the lie that the public sector does not create wealth is astonishing when you actually think about, especially when it is set against the contributions of a small business as Blaney does in that article. ”

    So Garibaldi you have appointed yourself, in abstencia, the adjudicator of what is wrong with my beliefs, all the while hiding behind the cowardly cloak of anonymity? At least I have the balls to put my name and contact details on my site for you and all others to see.

    FYI I am one of a small group of people who has publicly called for a separation of our Sovereign debt and that of the privately owned banks i.e. to let them go under. I, for one, will refuse to pay for the rescue of a privately owned company and and so should every other citizen

    Included in a Sunday Independent article written by me and published on Sept 122th last in relation to the Govt doing something other than the EU/IMF loan, “….Would it have resulted in the highest unemployment rate in the history of the State? Or have meant the prospect of five or six consecutive budgets which would have crucified the ordinary hard-working citizen? Or the State having to borrow money at a higher interest rate than Iceland? Or, a lifetime on the dole? Or emigration?

    From where the vast majority of people in this country are sitting, the one in nine children who will go to bed hungry tonight due to poverty, the 453,000 people who have to face another week of feeling worthless or the small business starved of working capital, we are already living at the start of what is an economic meltdown…..”

    Your rather petty ‘attack ANY one’ who would dare criticise the Public Service is as predictable as it is pathetic. Or did you not read my other article where I stated that the cuts in the PS should come almost exclusively from the very top level, down ?

    Personally, I would love the opportunity to debate ANYTHING related to what I have written at any time, at your convenience. We could do it over a pot of tea but I would be much happier if you could arrange to have it as public as possible with maybe a couple of hundred of people in attendance. We’ll then see who actually knows what and, oh yeah, who is who. ps I’m Eamonn Blaney. Over to you Garibaldy.

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