Sense of Entitlement? Moi?

Another peak under the veil at the diseased and rotten face of “Dave” (Eton and Oxford) Cameron’s “Progressive” Conservatives. Alan Duncan (Merchant Taylor’s Independent School and Oxford), Shadow Leader of the Commons, has been recorded complaining that after the expenses scandal MPs are being badly treated. Duncan has had to pay back £4,000. Here are the choicest of his remarks.

No one who’s done anything in the outside world or is capable of doing such a thing will ever come into this place ever again the way we’re going.
You have to live on rations and you are treated like shit.

Duncan has attempted to laugh these remarks off as a joke, but they demonstate the extent to which the Tories remain the same nasty party. The party of the privileged for the privileged. The reality is that MPs earn a lot of money. They have access to all sorts of other benefits such as employment with companies who want an MP on the pay role. And when they retire on their generous pensions, it’s not unusual for them to continue in profitable appointment as consultants and what have you. But, if you are born to wealth and privilege as Cameron’s shadow cabinet overwhelmingly has been, then it seems you view the institutions of democracy with contempt, as an impediment that stops you from the real business of making money and exercising the power you perceive as your birthright. Let’s just hope that Labour – deeply flawed as it is – is able to put such remarks to effective use come the election.


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