USi Protest Against Fees, TCD August 12th at 12pm

From the USI website, which doesn’t give the date, though Indymedia gives it as August 12th at 12 pm outside Trinity College.

Angry members of the USI will voice their strong opposition to education minister Batt O’Keefe’s proposals to implement a graduate tax or deferred loan system onthe students of Ireland.

This event will coincide with the release of the Leaving Certificate results, whenthousands of young people discover how they performed in the State exams.

USI President Peter Mannion said:

“This is a time when students should be excited about receivingtheir Leaving Certificate results and going to college to study their chosensubjects, but many thousands of young people will be signing up to a systemwhere their futures come with a hefty mortgage.

If the Minister of Education gets his way, these studentswill be liable to pay tens of thousands of Euros in future for a degree. It isgrossly unfair that these young people, who expected to receive a freeeducation just over a year ago, will now be targeted with fees.”

Support the USI and SAY NO TO FEES!


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