WP Address to Dublin Anti-Cuts Rally

This is taken from the WP website here

“Speaking at the ICTU rally outside Dáil Éireann today, Malachy Steenson (Workers’ Party Dublin PRO) stated that he welcomed today’s action and particularly welcomed the fact that it was part of an EU wide day of action.

“Capitalism” stated Malachy Steenson “is a worldwide phenomenon; the crisis in capitalism is a worldwide phenomenon, and the brutal attack by capitalism on workers and their families to pay for this crisis is, likewise, a worldwide phenomenon. Therefore the response must be international. That is why the initiative by ETUC is important and on the next occasion such an event occurs then we in Ireland should aim to emulate Spain and organise an all-out and effective one day strike”.

“We know that in Ireland there were certain factors that have made the crisis worse here that in many other countries. The property bubble, the tax evasion, the non-existent banking regulation all turned an international crisis into a national catastrophe. The incompetents who sleep-walked us into this situation are still in power, and those waiting in the wings to get their hands on the Mercs and Perks have given no indication that they have an original or radical proposal between them”.

“What we have seen however is that the greed and avarice of the capitalist class has not abated. Not only do the bankers and property speculators want us to bail the country out of the they got us into but now they want to get their greedy paws on the only valuable assets left in the Irish state coffers – the publicly owned commercial companies. Already Fianna Fail and the Greens have set the ball rolling on this process and Colm McCarthy, of Bord Snip Nua fame, has been given the job of facilitating this process”.

“On behalf of the Workers Party I want to declare that we will oppose tooth and nail the handover of public companies to the failed private sector. We are in the present dire situation because the private sector has failed. Publicly owned, semi-state commercial companies are being successful. These companies” concluded Malachy “belong to the Irish people and if they are allowed to develop and flourish these companies can be the basis for economic regeneration and long-term sustainable development.”


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