Informed Sources Suggest They Are Talking Rubbish

Interesting quote about the accuracy of speculation surrounding events in Korea, in a report by a BBC journalist presumably annoyed at having to repeat such rubbish ad nauseum to keep his masters (and their masters) happy.

But Brian Myers, a North Korea propaganda expert based at South Korea’s Dongseo University, urges caution, given that much of the speculation about the goings on inside North Korea is based on sources outside the country, often North Korean defectors.
“The chances of your average North Korean defector knowing that are the same odds as an English teacher in a bar in Itaewon [in central Seoul] knowing what Obama said to his cabinet last week,” he said.


2 Responses to “Informed Sources Suggest They Are Talking Rubbish”

  1. Johnny Guitar Says:

    True, it is often difficult to tell what exactly is going on inside the DPRK, but then that is a common problem with totalitarian societies that aren’t fussed on letting outsiders in nor their own people out. I am sure you would agree though, Garibaldy, that it would not be a wild exaggeration at all to say that North Korea is a pretty bleak place to live in.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    I think it would certainly be different to what we are used to. I also think that the DPRK is committed to building a peaceful, unified, and prosperous Korea, and that life not only for everyone on the peninusla but in that area generally would be improved if a reasonable peace settlement could be arrived at. That though will take more good will from the US than has been forthcoming up to now.

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