Con-Dems: Hammering the Poor, Protecting the Rich

The Guardian reports Cameron announcing a crackdown on the most evil people in Tory eyes since single-mothers: benefit cheats. Cue tough-sounding rhetoric about stealing from hard-working taxpayers.

“We are looking urgently at different options for reform,” he writes. “Tougher penalties for fraud, more prosecutions, encouraging those who know fraud is taking place to come forwards [sic] and making greater efforts to reclaim money that’s wrongly paid.
“We will look at all these things and more. Including, for example, using more information from third parties such as credit referencing agencies to identify circumstances which are incompatible with the benefit claim.”

There’s one issue which you think he might chase up that he seems less keen on. Something that costs 15 times the amount annually lost through benefit fraud. Tax evasion. But then again, it’s his friends from Eton, Oxford, and in the City that benefit from tax evasion. And one certainly wouldn’t want to rock the boat there, eh? And where are the Lib Dems in all this? Preparing a policy statement that they won’t try and push through no doubt.


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