A New Age of Liberty has Dawned


2 Responses to “A New Age of Liberty has Dawned”

  1. LeftAtTheCross Says:

    The birth of the modern era. Happy Birthday to the French Republic.

    We were on family holiday in France a couple of years ago, staying with friends who live in a rural village outside Paris. On the evening of the 14th there was a procession from the village hall to the festival field, with the children of the village holding lanterns on sticks and leading the way at the front. It was a lovely occasion, celebrating the sense of citizenship and society’s ownership of the Republic. Or that’s what I took from it.

    Of course it probably wasn’t celebrated that way in the banlieux closer to the city.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    The French do know how to do these things with panache. And that festival was a replay of festivals during the Revolution (and which the United Irishmen copied). I take your point about the suburbs. The way that people there are treated is an indictment of the squalid bourgeois reality behind the radical and egalitarian rhetoric adopted to hide the reality of class society. Hence, these days, Jacobinism = Communism.

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