Happy Birthday to the Iraqi CP

April 2nd saw the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Iraqi Communist Party, which has been promoting progressive politics in Iraq in extremely difficult circumstances for most of the time since, whether it was armed struggle against Saddam or holding the line of secular socialism in the chaos of post-invasion Iraq. Full details here.


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to the Iraqi CP”

  1. Mick Hall Says:


    I have been trying to find out how the Iraqi party did in the recent election in Iraq, can you point me in the right direction?

    All the best

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Hi Mick,

    It seems from wikipedia that they were part of this group, which narrowly came first.


    I haven’t seen or heard from them any details, or seen anything on Solidnet.

  3. Mickhall Says:

    Yep, I saw that, I was looking for some kind of breakdown so I could get an idea of their support in the ‘new’ Iraq.

    comradely regards

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    I have to say I have no real sense of that Mick. Clearly they can still put people on the ground and hold meetings and look after themselves. But beyond that it is hard to say.

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