Communist Party of Greece Statement on Election Results

The Communist Party of Greece, the KKE, is a party for which I have a great deal of admiration. It is stitched into Greek society in a way that no similar party is – or has ever been – in these islands. Its election results were slightly down – it lost one seat – but it remains the leading force on the Greek hard left, with over 500,000 votes, 7.5% of the vote, and 21 seats in the Greek parliament. The difference between its influence and organisation and that of parties with similar support in these islands is instructive. The increase in its vote since the elections of 2004 – nearly doubling – is a lesson to us all. A great example of what a disciplined and organised revolutionary socialist party can achieve in all areas of life.


From: Communist Party of Greece, Monday, 05 October 2009 ,


On the Results of Elections of October 4

With stronger persistence in order to comply to the peoples needs

On Sunday evening as the count of votes was still in progress, Aleka Papariga the General Secretary of the CC of KKE made the following statement:

“In our opinion the electoral result, which is marked by the heavy defeat of ND and the victory of PASOK, does not reflect the positive developments that took place in the people’s consciousness all these years, during the governance of ND and combined with the experience from the governance of PASOK. What we told to the people, namely that a storm, a wave of anti-popular measures is coming, will soon come true. KKE declares that it is all-ready to take more initiatives, to assume more responsibilities in order to create a current of unity among the people, that is the united front of workers, peasants, self-employed; a current of unity that will embrace those employees and those poor popular strata who voted for ND and those who gave the victory to PASOK.

Of course, the electoral result of KKE is not in accordance with the confirmed influence it exerts on the people as well as with its role and its stance towards the development of struggles. Furthermore, it is confirmed that the people’s indignation and discontent, even the positive developments in the people’s consciousness cannot reach the ballot-box and be dynamically expressed as long as the labor movement and the people’s movement in general is not in a state of regroupment and counterattack. Responsible for this are the leaderships in the local trade union organizations as well as in the great majority of Labour federations and Labour centers.

In our opinion, there is a change in the government but not in the policy of the government. The ship has changed its “captain” but not its route. As it stressed in the pre-electoral period, KKE will seek to abolish the demarcation lines among the people that divide employees, peasantry and self-employed between voters of ND, PASOK and other parties; it will work in order to strengthen and stress the real demarcation line which is: on the side of monopolies and plutocracy or on the side of people? This is especially important because we are in conditions of a crisis. The consequences of the crisis are under way, they have not been completed yet. At the same time, there is a European plan – also PASOK and ND plan- for the recovery of the economy, which means that reactionary measures for harder class exploitation are under way. Social security will be the first target of these measures. Nowadays, there is a need for the people to realize their power. People have not shown their power in the ballot-box. It will be proven that the main issue is not a strong, government but the readiness of the people to repel its aggressiveness that will intensify in the next few years.

We would like to thank the friends, the supporters of the Party, those who voted for KKE for the first time and there are many of them who managed to reach the ballot-box despite the intimidating dilemmas. We will get in contact with those who had decided to vote for KKE and at the last moment did not manage to take this courageous and essential step under the influence of the propaganda for a self-sufficient government.

KKE is stronger after this battle. Along with KNE it will be more self-demanding in order to respond to what the people expect from it: to be at the front line for the struggle for the rallying of forces, for the unity in the struggle, for the prevention of the worse that is coming and the struggle for some solutions that relief the people”.


2 Responses to “Communist Party of Greece Statement on Election Results”

  1. Urban_Underclass Says:

    Intersting post Garibaldy,

    …even the positive developments in the people’s consciousness cannot reach the ballot-box and be dynamically expressed as long as the labor movement and the people’s movement in general is not in a state of regroupment and counterattack.

    This is certainly true for the ROI. Sadly the Labour Party and most trade unions here have become so much part of the establishment that it is impossible to imagine them taking the kind of radical or militant action that might fire the popular imagination. That said the ‘broad left’ in Ireland worked as a team against the Lisbon Treaty and I see the possibility of a reasonable number of real left-wing TDs after the next general election (may it come soon please God!).


  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Yeah the right-wing nature of social democracy is a serious impediment in the south. I think Higgins and probably Boyd Barret will be elected, along with Maureen O’Sullivan. There could be more, but we’ll have to see.

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