Teenage Kicks: Sex Abuse and Violence Rife Among Teenagers

Just saw this disturbing story from a few days ago on the BBC website about teenage relationships in Britain.

A third of teenage girls suffer sexual abuse in a relationship and a quarter experience violence at the hands of their boyfriends, a survey suggests.

One in three of the teenage girls questioned in England, Scotland and Wales said their boyfriends had tried to pressure them into unwanted sexual activity by using physical force or by bullying them. The NSPCC said the unwanted sexual activity ranged from kissing to intercourse.
A quarter of the girls interviewed for the survey had suffered physical violence, including being slapped, punched or beaten.
Only one in 17 boys reported having been pressured or forced into sexual activity but almost one in five had suffered physical violence in a relationship.

To say these figures are shocking is a gross understatement. What sort of society is this? Teenage girls are clearly being pressured and beaten into submission on a massive scale. Only a society that is failing to instil in young people basic respect for others could produce these figures. It seems that in schools and in culture generally the principles not only of feminism but of common decency are failing to be passed on to the next generation. The state must act. Not only through education, but through heavy sentences for those engaged in this type of violence.


4 Responses to “Teenage Kicks: Sex Abuse and Violence Rife Among Teenagers”

  1. WorldbyStorm Says:

    That’s an astounding figure really. There’s a lot that has to be thought about in this context. For a start I think you point towards a basic element, common decency, and not in the prurient sense but indeed in the context of respect and equality of respect. I’m wondering what comparable figures for Ireland would be like.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    It’s a frightening figure. I would hope the figure in Ireland would be lower, but very hard to say. I suspect that in the north at least the fear of people’s families would interfere.

  3. Rabelais Says:

    I think the backlash against feminism has been dreadfully effective. I can remember in the 1980s the question of women being objectified and presented for the sexual titillation of men was a hot topic, debate often centring around The Sun’s page 3. But today even many young women seen sanguine about the portrayal of women in lad’s mags and the media generally in various states of undress, emphasising the notion of women’s sexual availability.

    To be frank give the kind of popular culture that young people grow up in the figure doesn’t really surprise me.

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    I’d be inclined to agree with you Rebelais. The page 3 thing seems relatively minor compared to what we see today. Obviously the fact that many more women are comfortable expressing their sexuality is a good thing, but the idea that one must be this super-sexy, super-available woman is definitely a damaging message when so much of it is placed in what are effectively chauvinist terms.

    The violence is still very disturbing though.

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