Red Dawn Once More

It’s been a while since I put up a film post. And this isn’t going to be a review, though I’m hoping to do one soon. Anyway, I have to confess I’m somewhat startled by the news that Cold War paranoia/teen movie Red Dawn is being remade. And starring Tom Cruise’s son no less. I remember enjoying this film when I was a child – the thought of urinating into a car’s water tank was a particularly stiking one for my class at school – and then as I got older, the sight of communist boots on American soil provoked ‘if only’ reveries. So I’d be quite interested to see how the remake plans to deal with the communist menace rampant once more.

Alas, I am to be disappointed. It turns out that the main invaders will be the Chinese, later assisted by the Russians. So while there may well be some hint of fighting communism, clearly this will be more of a straightforward great power struggle. However, I’ll probably watch it at some point anyway. Let’s hope the planned remake of Robocop proves more satisfactory.


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