Cedar Lounge Revolution Post on elections and the left

I’ve just put up a post on why the left in NI needs to contest elections despite the fact they result in a guaranteed kicking over at Cedar Lounge Revolution should anyone be interested.

3 Responses to “Cedar Lounge Revolution Post on elections and the left”

  1. tucker Says:

    Two of my family were killed in the Ballymurphy massacre,The Workers Party,have not uttered a word,why,and why,not,surely the truth is what we as Workers Party members always think is the way forward

  2. tucker Says:

    ballymurphy was he beginning of the end for socialism as we knew it

  3. Garibaldy Says:


    The Workers’ Party would certainly support efforts to get to the truth of the Ballymurphy murders. There can be no doubt the British Army was responsible for the murder of civilians.

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