I’m a Depressed Mafia Boss: Get me out of here

Italy makes me shake my head in wonder. Quite a lot. The latest example of the, eh, unique nature of that country is that a mafia boss sentenced to eight years in prison has been released into house arrest after becoming depressed. Giacomo Ieni broke down in tears in front of the parole board, and cried constantly and had lost 55 lbs during his three years in prison. He was released on the grounds that he needed to be with his family for his health. Even a Senator from Berlusconi’s party is outraged.

“I wonder at this point what therapy is available to the relatives of those murdered by Mafia bosses whose hands are dripping with blood?”

As another Senator pointed out, this is likely to demoralise those engaged in the fight against the cancer that is organised crime in Italy. Italy for 40 plus years was effectively a state in alliance with the Mafia. Berlusconi has tried to frustrate the efforts of the magistrates investigating corruption, while claiming those days were finished. Looking at this story, I seriously wonder.


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