Trade Unions Protest Against Violence

The ICTU is once again stepping forward to give ordinary working people the opportunity to voice their opposition to violence in Northern Ireland, following the recent murders of two soldiers and the attempted murder of two workers doing their jobs. As I said at Cedar Lounge Revolution, I hope the ICTU will oeganise protests in the Republic as well. Here are the details from John O’Farrell of the ICTU via Cedar Lounge Revolution:

From John O’Farrell:

Here is the text of adverts appearing tomorrow in the Irish News, Belfast Newsletter and the NI edition of the Mirror:

Organised by the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions


Join a silent protest at the Massereene murders

Trade Unions stand together with all citizens in solidarity to prevent any derailment of the peace process.

The callous attack last Saturday night was an assault on every citizen who supports peace.

All workers and their families are invited to express their abhorrence at these murders and the direct threat to the peace process

Please attend our silent protests on Wednesday, 11 March 2009 at 1pm:

Belfast City Hall

L’Derry Guildhall Square

Newry Town Hall

By your presence show your support for peace and your rejection of those seeking to destroy that peace

Please bring trade union banners only


3 Responses to “Trade Unions Protest Against Violence”

  1. Drithleog Says:

    I would hope, especially in light of another murder in Craigavon tonight (of a Police Officer) that ICTU would also hold similar events in major centres in the south to give people down here a chance to express our revulsion and utter rejection of these acts.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    I think such a step has become inevitable now. The sooner they announce it the better.

  3. goodhardrant Says:

    Impressive turn-outs, particularly in Belfast. The news reports I’ve seen have been pretty explicit about the Unions mobilization of public demonstrations, so well done to ICTU for organizing this so rapidly . The vox pops on the BBC report I saw were very strong in stressing workers’ condemnation of the dissident murders and working people’s refutation of the violence. No going back, thank you very much.

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