A solution to his party's factional struggles?

A solution to his party's factional struggles?

So, California’s public sector is, not to put too fine a point on it, scheduled for termination. But not at the hands of the man-machine himself, but rather his cohorts in the Republican party in the state Senate, who are refusing to pass his budget, insisting on tax cuts for ideological reasons. Arnie is one vote short of the two-thirds majority needed. The consequence is that one in five workers employed by the state will lose their jobs. This is, at a local level, the same type of dispute that held up Obama’s stimulus package. So we have a Republican arguing that they will protect the people from more taxes. Great I’m sure. Although if you lose your job because of this, probably not so good. I hope that at least one Republican will see sense, though I doubt it. Let’s just hope the voters punish them, and hard, for it at the next opportunity. I’m sure though there are plenty in the Irish Republic’s establishment taking heart from the Republican comrades in California.

ADDS: Splintered Sunrise has a post putting this story in much broader context.

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