Economic Crisis? Forget that – what about the dinosaurs?

Artists' Impression of the DUP front bench

Artists' Impression of the DUP front bench

Extremely depressing news that the number of mortgage arrears in Northern Ireland has gone up 64% over the past year. Meanwhile, what is exercising our senior politicians? “Insidious propaganda” from New Labour suggesting – shock horror – that global warming might have something to do with humans, and the outrageous idea that the Ulster Museum is planning an exhibition on Darwin but not including Creationism. Glad to see that everyone at Stormont has their priorities right. This is the sort of political shadow boxing designed to distract from the incompetence of those elected to represent us. Expect this to accelerate as the next election approaches.


6 Responses to “Economic Crisis? Forget that – what about the dinosaurs?”

  1. Drithleog Says:

    Where is the Irisosaurus and indeed what about the Ruanosaurus and Martinosaurus?

  2. Justin Says:


    Something wrong with the artist’s impression. There appears to be a small human being among the DUP behemoths.

  3. Drithleog Says:

    Yes and he has lost his shirt – he could be a victim of the Irish banking system.

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    I think the human being is a child asking about the 11 Plus, but I’m not sure. Unless it’s the more human face of Big Ian.

  5. Adrian Says:

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