More At Cedar Lounge

Just a quick link to a post I’ve put up on Cedar Lounge with some personal thoughts on the attempt to extradite Seán Garland.

4 Responses to “More At Cedar Lounge”

  1. yourcousin Says:

    I’d followed this a bit in the news but could always use some more background info. Any idea where I could pick up a fuller backstory?

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    The Stop the Extradition website gives some background. Depends what sort of info you want. Most of the media coverage has been hostile, but there has also been some good coverage of the issue. See this article by the journalist John McGlynn for an objective look, that sets it within a broader foreign policy context

    A link to a transcript of the TV programme containing allegations can be found in the Cedar Lounge thread comments I think, though it is worth noting that one person who was claimed as a source has denied writing the document used by the show, saying someone else accessed his computer. One of the English people supposedly linked to Garland has denied him having any links.

  3. yourcousin Says:

    I’ve got a union meeting tonight, but will look through the relevant links when I get a chance, thanks.

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    No problem. Anything else you want, feel free to ask again. I can send put other stuff up.

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