“A Slow Motion Car Crash”

Great metaphor from Sluggerotoole’s Mick Fealty here about the transfer disaster. I think that the show podcast where he makes it will be well worth listening to.

4 Responses to ““A Slow Motion Car Crash””

  1. WorldbyStorm Says:

    Interesting stuff. This government business is certainly proving more tricky for them than previously thought 😉

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Yep. Actually having to deliver when people refuse to bend over backwards for you just because you are who you are. I’ve seen this before in other circumstances, and they don’t know how to handle it because of a massive sense of entitlement, and believing their own publicity. Sue Ramsey, a west Belfast MLA, was on TV yesterday or the day before speaking on behalf of an Assembly Committee. She reminded me of Lord Mayor Eric Smyth when Clinton was in Belfast, except slightly better. Same in the Dáil. The team they have there has proven completely ineffective, and nowhere close to being up to the task.

  3. WorldbyStorm Says:

    I find the Dáil team interesting. Pearse Doherty is pretty good in the Seanad. AOS and CC are good too. MF is far too retiring and AM is extremely pleasant but not necessary direct enough. Of course they’re utterly constrained by the limitations there set by the rules, and the WP had much the same experience in the early years. What they lack is someone who is – say – as commanding as De Rossa was or even Rabbitte, back in the day – which I know isn’t music to your ears, but is nonetheless true of the functional problems they face. MacGiolla had a certain presence about him which I don’t quite get with the SF TDs. That may change in 2012 if new ones appear…certainly Doherty would be one to watch in the longer term.

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    No it’s certainly true that The WP people were far more effective in the Dáil. Partly due, frankly, to their superior talent, but also due to the presence of a coherent ideology and analysis that was radically different to what everyone else was saying. Different too was the fact that the Provos have failed to produce anything apart from vague guff, as opposed to detailed position papers or such like. The same is true in the NI Assembly, where although there are some effective performers, there are other people who are an embarassment.

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