Massive Social Problem in Ballymena Area

No, it’s not heroin. Nor indeed fundamentalist Protestantism. Both of which are massive social problems in the Ballymena area. Instead, it is an unholy alliance of Catholic and state grammar schools setting their own transfer test. And what has the Incompetent for Education got to say about it?

Ms Ruane said in a statement: “I am still working to achieve agreement which could allow schools to apply to use the department’s test during a three-year transition period.”

Well that’s just dandy then. I’m so pleased to see that as per usual, she – and her party – have done precisely nothing to address this situation beyond empty rhetoric. But not surprised in the slightest. So once again, the children of Ballymena get the short end of the stick. I’m glad I’m from Belfast.


6 Responses to “Massive Social Problem in Ballymena Area”

  1. Pete Baker Says:


    That’s an unholy alliance in Ballymena and in Magherafelt. Including my own former school, the Rainey.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Cheers Pete. Insufficient attention to detail on my part. That makes this an intercounty initiative then. Greater potential to spread to other schools then too, and not quite as localised as it seemed.

  3. WorldbyStorm Says:

    Not great, not great at all…

  4. Tom Says:


  5. Starkadder Says:

    On a similar note, there were some people in Ballymena complaining
    because a group of Goths were running a shop selling “scary dolls” there.

  6. Garibaldy Says:

    That’s a great story Starkadder, thanks a lot for that. Being a goth in Ballymena has got to be a difficult lifestyle choice. Not that I have much sympathy with angsty teenagers.

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