Nadine Coyle: The Case of A Beautiful Flower


Every year, I froth at the mouth about Remembrance Day, and the way in which it is used to justify and whip up support for current imperial adventures. In addition, I am sickened by the way in which a war that cost tens of millions of lives over the oppression of the peoples of other continents is trivialised by presented as a good things by idiots because Catholics and Protestants fought in it together, and we should all unite and honour their memory. Well no. We shouldn’t. We should condemn imperialism. And we should condemn the type of facile politics that produces the trivialisation of the greatest imperialist war in history. And reject them. If people want to wear a poppy, it should be a white one. I loathe the idea that people in the UK must wear a red poppy given what it represents in my eyes.

I want to stress however that I understand that people want to remember their loved ones at this time, and I honour all those who gave their lives and much else in the fight against fascism.

Anyway, imagine how excited I was looking over Cedar Lounge Revolution’s blog statistics to see a search about Nadine Coyle refusing to wear a poppy. I had missed this story completely. Nadine is a young woman I greatly admire (as I know does fellow blogger Splintered Sunrise), and this raised her in my estimation. However it seems that the absence of her wearing a poppy in October – not even November – was due to a wardrobe malfunction, though not of the Janet Jackson kind.

Still it is a reminder of how much Jon Snow is to be admired for refusing to bow to the hysteria. And that on this day, we ought to remember all the victims of imperialist wars, and renew our opposition to them, and to the system that produces them. La lutta continua.

UPDATE: A truly disgusting article, especially from someone who considers himself a Christian.


20 Responses to “Nadine Coyle: The Case of A Beautiful Flower”

  1. Cruibín Says:

    Well said. I find it sickening that the government and media in the Republic are getting involved in the Poppy Day business to glorify war. A few days ago the Lord Mayor of Cork hosted a major fancy dress ball (I ask you!!!) with people dressed up in period costume to “honour” the 2,500 Corkmen killed in World War 1. It featured a pair of heavy cannon being wheeled into the grounds of City Hall. (The irony being of course that Cork City Hall was built with compensation money from the Crown whose forces burned down the previous City Hall – oh, and murdered two Lords Mayor).

    I do not want to be associated from the provo sectarian attacks on those commemorating their dead (which they so brutally carried out in Enniskillen 21 years ago) but I too find the glorification of war to be disgusting. I note that not a single mention has been made of the 2.5 million Germans who died, nor the 5,000,000 soliders of the Ottoman Empire (mainly Turks) nor the 725,000 Serbs who died in WW1 – all sent by imperial powers to kill the other subjects of imperial powers while the imperial masters and their arms industry chums grew fat.

    Note too that hardly any mention is made of the millions of civilians of all countries who got caught up in the crossfire.

    Finally I have to comment on an article in the national media at the weekend which said that the First World War was started by a Bosnian Serb, Gavrillo Princip. Princip was a misguided Serb nationalist but I hardly think his assassination of an Austrian Archduke and his wife was anything like the cause of the war – the guns and bombs were primed long beforehand by the real criminals behind the war George V, Wilhelm II, Leopold, Nicholas II and the others and their hangers-on in so called representative democracies.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Well said yourself Cruibín. The Cork Lord Mayor disgraced himself. Firstly by organising such an event, and secondly by making it such an insensitive and idiotic event. I hope the voters remember this when the time comes. I was watching BBC Newsline earlier. Mention of Protestants and Catholics commemorating WWI. Presented yet again as a good thing. It makes me sick.

  3. Omar Little Says:

    I think there is more to the Nadine story than the Girls Aloud PR dept will allow. Last year she was on the slimy Jonathon Ross show and while her bandmates all had poppies very visible, hers was obscured, deliberatly I suggest, by her hair. I think she has a problem with the emblem because she has always contradicted interviewers who call the band ‘British’ and when a Union Jack was featured on the sleeve of their greatest hits CD she asked for and got a tricolour. I imagine she is wary of the poppy primarily for nationalist reasons but given that many other Irish people don them for British TV without a hint of even considering what they mean then I say fair play to her.
    It is also a scandal that almost every one appearing on TV has to wear a poppy. There was a big row about this on BBC Norn Iron more than a decade ago when Donna Traynor refused to wear one.

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    I suspect you are right Omar. She has very determinedly kept her Derry accent, which would sugget a great deal of pride in her roots. I think I remember that Jonathan Ross thing now you mention it. I agree with you entirely – fair play to her.

  5. Baku26 Says:

    I wonder if these commemorations are honouring the conscientious objectors who were murdered by these war-mongering bastards for their beliefs.

  6. Garibaldy Says:

    Indeed not. Though Ian Hislop did do a show about them on channel four yesterday. It’s amazing that the same people who object to things like the reburial of Kevin Barry et al want us to line up and celebrate imperialist war.

  7. Cruibín Says:

    Hislop’s programme was quite good although it concentrated on those conscientious objectors motivated by strong religious beliefs, most specifically members of the Society of Friends (Quakers). There was little or no mention of socialists who were conscientious objectors.

  8. Garibaldy Says:

    Thanks for the info Cruibín. Hislop’s own religious beliefs may have influenced that.

  9. Jim Mullen Says:

    “Nadine is a young woman I greatly admire (as I know does fellow blogger Splintered Sunrise), and this raised her in my estimation’

    By jaysus, my own ‘estimation’ has ‘risen’ as well.

  10. Garibaldy Says:

    Thanks for sharing that Jim. She is certainly an inspiration to us all.

  11. The Guerilla Says:

    She is a cracker…in more ways than one.

  12. Garibaldy Says:

    I’ve just finished watching Hislop’s Not Forgotten about the conscientious objectors. Not a mention of socialist objectors anywhere.

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  14. WorldbyStorm Says:

    Still, assume we park commemorations of WWI, and I’m no cheerleader for Poppy Day etc – I particularly dislike how it becomes a sort of ‘national’ requirement, although I appreciate for some the commemorative aspect is of personal importance – how about WWII? Does that fall under the rubric of ‘imperialism’?

  15. Garibaldy Says:

    The second paragraph makes reference to those who fought against fascism. Perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough reading it back but I do separate WWII out from the rest, though clearly the defence of various empires was important as well as fighting fascism.

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  17. GFJHNM Says:


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