Fascists Attack Students in Rome

The wonderful Silvio Berlunsconi heads a government which has just introduced swingeing cuts to the education system, savaging the education system at primary and tertiary level. One billion Euro is to go from the university budget in 2010 alone. Graduate research will be hit, staff levels be cut, and the heads of the universities are warning that the whole system may collapse. Primary school children will get only 24 hours’ teaching per week, while the aim is to sack over 100,000 teachers and support staff.

Naturally this has provoked protests among a wide section of the Italian population. A peaceful demonstration was held by students tonight, but came under organised attack by fascist elements (delicately described as right-wing by the Daily Telegraph) wearing motorbike helmets and armed with clubs and chains. At this point we should remember that Rome has an elected fascist mayor who was involved with fascist terrorist movements in the past, and that Berlusconi’s government contains such elements. Italians learn nothing about C20 history in school, and we can see the outcome in the attacks on the partisans of World War II and events such as this.

Oh, and did I mention that immigrant children with insufficient Italians are to be herded into educational ghettoes? What a lovely government the Italians have. And it is also worth noting that the Daily Telegraph’s headline is students riot in Rome. I wonder which side they are on?


6 Responses to “Fascists Attack Students in Rome”

  1. WorldbyStorm Says:

    Disgusting stuff, and notice the Daily Telegraph up to its usual tricks… I’m not a huge fan of the anti-globalisation crowd, but the manner in which people were attacked some years back was utterly redolent of fascism.

  2. Garibaldy Says:

    Very disappointed in the Daily Telegraph’s coverage. This creeping regard for foreign fascists could have dangerous consequences at home. The situation in Italy is certainly a cause for great concern. Fascists in government, and not even a single Socialist or Communist MP.

  3. Omar Little Says:

    You can see from the photo that people on both sides are wearing crash helmets and that people are clearly fighting back (which I think is good). In fact on another site (ANTIFA) there is a photo which implies that the Fascists came off worse.

  4. Garibaldy Says:

    Hi Omar,

    Thanks for that. Thinking about it, given the number of moped drivers, the crash helmets maybe don’t mean the same there as they would here. Glad to hear the fascists came off worse. It seems that there was a deal not to wear political emblems, the fascist student organisation broke it, and a row was escalated by them into violence.

  5. Omar Little Says:

    The Fascists do seem to have come armed with bats in the Italian flag colours. Theres a long tradition of left-right clashes at Italian public events; in the 1970s people were killed. The very fact that there is a Fascist student organisation is pretty bad.

  6. Garibaldy Says:

    The current mayor of Rome wears something round his neck with either the blood of or the bullet that killed one of his fellow fascists in the period you talk about – the years of lead or something I think they were called.

    I agree entirely on the existence of a fascist student movement. It seems incomprehensible that educated people could still follow that type of thinking in this day and age. But a lot of them regard any stories of fascist violence as made up or exaggerated, and believe that the fascists stood for traditional family values. This type of naive attraction to fascism is astounding.

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