Lufthansa Buying BMI. At what cost to Belfast?

Lufthansa is buying BMI, making it the second largest carrier at Heathrow. So what we may think. However, timeslots at Heathrow are extremely profitable, and we already saw several years ago British Airways pull out of Belfast to use the timeslots at Heathrow for other routes. The danger is that this will happen here, driving up the already increasing price of flying to Heathrow from Belfast City. This is an issue that the Stormont Assembly, the political parties, and the public must begin to lobby on straight away to ensure that the same thing does not happen.


3 Responses to “Lufthansa Buying BMI. At what cost to Belfast?”

  1. WorldbyStorm Says:

    What airline would you use generally?

  2. Baku26 Says:

    Some chance in Stormont! Predominantly, a useless shower preoccupied with their tribal trivia, oblivious to the real world. That said, other parties with a view to the real world should raise the issue and the unions should also be concerned.

  3. Garibaldy Says:


    BMI is a very good airline for Belfast – Heathrow. For Dublin too.


    Couldn’t agree more. I am unsurprised but still disappointed that the newspapers – which are trying to maintain their relevance through running their own campaigns – have not picked up on this and got an early start.

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