So, after a long time commenting on other sites like and I’ve decided to start my own blog. I’ll talk about things of interest to me, like (mostly Irish) politics, history and culture. As will be obvious from the absence of proper hyperlinks, this won’t be the most technically sophisticated blog in the world either. Nor is it likely to be updated that often. Or be read by very many people, or anyone at all. Oh well.


12 Responses to “Beginnings”

  1. petebaker Says:


    “Or be read by very many people, or anyone at all.”

    If you build it, they will come. 😉

    Good to see you make the jump above the fold.

    And have fun with it.

  2. garibaldy Says:

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks very much for the comment and good wishes. I’m amazed that you found the site, but very impressed at your detective skills. Hopefully will be fun.

  3. petebaker Says:

    Well, if you link to Slugger we tend to notice.

    Technorati can become an addiction. 😉

    Although in this case it was BlogPulse.

    Find your sea-legs and, when you’re comfy, we’ll give you a shout-out on Slugger – Mick might do so sooner.

    And if you want a hint on the hyperlinks, email me and I’ll talk you through it.


  4. garibaldy Says:

    Thanks Pete. I think I will email you about the hyperlink thing. Once I’ve worked out how to turn the comment moderation off, which I’ve already failed miserably to do. I appreciate the support.

  5. Mick Hall Says:


    I’m really pleased you have decided to start your blog, I have found your comments on slugger and CLR thoughtful, progressive and helpful. There is a shortage of left bloggers within Ireland. [and the UK] The far left, the centre and the right is represented, those of us on the left who come at our politics from a non dogmatic position of seeing the world as it is, not as we wish it to be, are under-represented. Maybe I am misinterpreting your political position, but from what I have read of your stuff I would put you on the solid left.

  6. garibaldy Says:

    Hi Mick,

    Thanks for the positive and encouraging comments. I agree with what you say about the blogging world, and I would certainly hope that I am part of the solid left that tries to deal with the world as it is (others may not be convinced!). I guess I started this partly because there’s a lot going own right now that the serious left needs to talk about, and it’s not always possible on other sites. NI in particular is lacking serious left criticism of the Executive. Not that I expect to be able to provide it, but I can guarantee criticism. I always enjoy Organised Rage, though I am very jealous I couldn’t come up with such a great and politically-conscious title for this blog.

  7. Mark McGregor Says:

    Another thing for me to check every day. I’m busy enough as it is, worst of luck with this and hopefully it won’t become as compelling reading as I fear. :o)

  8. garibaldy Says:

    Thanks Mark. No danger of it becoming compelling reading I can assure you.

  9. consul Says:

    Hi garibaldy great job and good luck. Site has interesting commentary. I noticed you said you were hazy with the owl links. Pete will help you out I’m sure (who better qualified? 😉 ) but you might find this to be of some benefit.

  10. garibaldy Says:

    Hi Consul,

    Thanks for comments on the site and best wishes. That link looks really useful too, so I’m grateful for that as well. Pete has indeed given me the benefit of his extensive experience in this area 🙂

  11. Conor McCabe Says:

    Hi Garibaldy, just came across your site via cedarlounge. I’ve always enjoyed your comments and informed insights, so nice to know you’ve started your own blog. Best wishes with it!

  12. garibaldy Says:

    Thanks Conor. Just been commenting on Dublin Opinion on your analysis of class. Great stuff.

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